Innovation/Integrity Service/Commitment

Founded in March 2000

Pynmax Technology Co., LTD is a reinvestment company of Panjit Group and was established in March 2000. Pynmax Technology Co., LTD has a strong R&D technical team which contributes technical capabilities and advanced equipment.
The main products are Epitaxy, Schottky, TVS and Zener wafers along with high product yields .

Vertical Integrated Technology

PANJIT is vertically integrated with IDM design capability, own Pynmax this wafer foundries and state-of-art production lines.

With insight observation and core technologies, PANJIT is able to continuously launch low profile products and accurate power rating devices which conforms to the customer needs.

PANJIT commits to serve customers with the best service, thus we have established sales offices worldwide. We have sites in North America, Germany, Korea and China which allows us to provide better and prompt service.